Panasonic Showcase Optical LED Identification Technology That Could Be Replacing QR Code

5/19/2015 Joshua Wong 0 Comments

Here's a quite interesting technology by Panasonic by encoding information through LED light source which can respond to the user at very fast speed.

For example, a consumer pointed their smartphone to a jewelry he/she interested and the smartphone will be prompted up all the additional informations such as price, type of material and as well photos and videos of the model On top of that it may include the ability to order and make purchase on the smartphone. This technology can be use at Museums and public transport to offer multilingual guidance

How does it works?

Basically the LED light source will transit ID signals and by using smartphone's camera it will be able to pick up the signal and read the ID with application of the light ID. It's very similar to QR code that used your camera to translate it to readable text or weblinks.

Panasonic representative explains:
“The device that sends the signals with this technology can be in, for example, a store or public place. Meanwhile, the person receiving the information can be a consumer or passerby. Unless that person can use their regular smartphone, such a system is meaningless; that was the basic idea behind our development of this technology. Going forward, we think this should involve not only Panasonic, but also alliances with manufacturers that can put the technology into many forms, as well as IT system integrators, and businesses that can provide services using the technology.”

Source: Japan Trends, Via: PhoneArena 

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