YouTube Offline Available Now In Malaysia. You Can Now Watch YouTube Without The Need Of Internet

2/10/2016 Joshua Wong 0 Comments

YouTube Offline that introduced during Google I/O 2015 back in May 2015 has finally made available in Malaysia.

The YouTube Offline aimed to help users where access to data is either expensive and bad coverage. This allows the users to downloads and keep the YouTube videos on your device for up to 48 hours before it wiped off as cache to optimize your device's storage.

How to get it? Check out the Google Play Store whether YouTube app for update to newer version of v11.01.56.

Once you have updated the app, load a video and on the video bottom right you will see a download button. Once you tapped it, it will prompt you for video quality playback and select your preferred size/quality. It should download it video automatically and stored in your device.

You may now watch the videos that you have downloaded without the need of internet connections. Just go to account and saved videos to watch the downloaded video.

Do take note that the downloaded videos can be played offline for up to 48 hours, after that you are required to reconnect to a mobile or WiFi network every 48 hours to allow the app to check for changes to video or its availability. If a video is no longer available for offline playback, it will be removed from the device during the next sync.

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