Does The New MaxisONE Postpaid Plan Overcome The In-competitive & Double Standard Pricing?

4/22/2016 Joshua Wong 0 Comments

So Maxis has just revamped it MaxisONE postpaid plans this morning by offering more data and as well some others service like improved MaxisONE Share & Maxis DataPool.

But does the new postpaid plan being competitive enough? Let's do some quick comparison;

Based on the breakdown, MaxisONE Plan postpaid plans, no doubt it's getting competitive by offering more internet data with unlimited calls & SMS for under RM 100. Kudos!

But still there are a gap of RM 48 if comparing to Celcom FIRST Gold & DiGi Postpaid 80. Every own Telco has their own unique service on top of their postpaid plan, for instant;

Maxis - FREE 15GB Spotify Premium Data (MaxisONE Plan 128 & above), MaxisONE Share, Maxis DataPool
Celcom - 5GB WiFi+ and 5GB internet carry forward, Unlimited Yonder Music
DiGi - FREE 12 month iFlix subscription, 2GB internet rollover, 100GB cloud storage & Music Streaming

Does the new offers really that attractive?

More Data But At The Same Price
Yes! More data being offered but would you able to utilize it within a month since it doesn't feature quota carry forward or rollover?

MaxisONE Share
No doubt, the sub-line plan is very attractive and bang for the bucks "if you really need a second line"

Maxis DataPool
Combine and sharing internet quota within principal and supplementary does sound attractive. Back to the first question; would you really need that much of data and would you able to fully utilize the internet data?

What consumers really need is affordable price with reasonable internet data quota. 

Now here come the biggest question, what happened to those Maxis users that being counter offers with special plan that everyone find it double standard?

For instant, the previous MaxisONE Plan 158 was offered RM 90 discount and get 5GB of internet quota. Maxis promised maintained the MaxisONE Plan 158 benefit only only paying RM 68 but they were automatically switched / downgraded to MaxisONE Plan 98 without any notification or explanation

Although the plan is the same with MaxisONE Plan 98 but at least Maxis would inform the changes via SMS or even a call. Because of this, some of the benefit from MaxisONE Plan 158 has been removed like FREE 15GB Spotify Premium data.

This is one of the Maxis user that being countered offered and gotten shocked to know his plan has been downgraded without notification or consent.

Screenshot from Facebook

If any you have been countered offered from MaxisONE Plan 128 or MaxisONE Plan 158 with attractive discount, do check your plan whether has been downgraded to MaxisONE Plan 98. If you subscribed to Spotify Premium do call Maxis whether it still remain for free or become a chargeable service. If they do charge and willing to refund, make sure they include the GST in the refund.

What do you think about the new MaxisONE Postpaid Plan?

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