Maxis Finally Reacted To It Incompetitive Data Plans. Extra Data, Same Price

4/08/2016 Joshua Wong 8 Comments

Today Maxis's CEO has made a Facebook live video announcement in responding to the slow reacting on the recent price war.

Mr. Morten, CEO of Maxis made an apology statement and announced there will be an upgrade MaxisONE plan next month.

The current MaxisONE user will receive an additional 3GB of data next week till the new plan start.

Here are the new MaxisONE plans announced for May 2016

- MaxisONE Plan 98 - 1GB 5GB
- MaxisONE Plan 128 - 3GB 8GB
- MaxisONE Plan 158 - 5GB 12GB
- MaxisONE Plan 188 - 7GB 16GB

These new plans will be available for new Maxis subscriber and the existing MaxisONE Plan will automatically enjoy the upgrade.

There are no info that the Maxis SurfMore & iValue will receive any data upgrade at the moment.

West Malaysia will not get the same Maxis plan that offered in East Malaysia with the starting price of RM68 with 5GB data.

More information about the new MaxisONE Plan for April 2016

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  1. Incompetitive Data Plan u say..
    compare to DIGI Postpaid plan..RM78 with 7GB..more cheaper with more data ..
    plus unlimited call.. You can carry forward remaining balance to next month..sigh

  2. Too expensive even same price, and upgraded data. You can get 7GB data only for RM78 with Digi. You can carry forward remaining balance to next month also.

  3. I Prefer to choose DIGI RM78 with 7GB data . I can save RM20 with extra 2 GB data and can carry foward unused data:)

  4. Maxis upgraded?
    Don’t think so can fights with Digi Postpaid. Digi Postpaid 128 offer 9gb of data still better than MaxisONE plan 128 only get 8gb of data.
    Digi always the best.
    Bye2 Maxis!

  5. Stupid decision !!! Maxis is don't care about old customer for those whom signup with ivalue etc, and gave so high data with no changes on call rate ... such as dumb decision, making customer more angry, is time to say good bye and this is very good lesson for Maxis this time !!!

  6. i will be 'wow' with the upgrade if this is year 2015. but this is 2016. lots of telcos including digi can give better offer. now im with digi. they offers me 7gb for only rm78!

  7. Extra data yang sebenarnya tak extra mana pun.
    Digi tawarkan 7GB pada harga RM78 lebih berbaloi dengan keistimewaan baki data bawa ke bulan seterusnya.

  8. MAXIS, Sebenarnya bukan extra data yang kami mahu kan. Kami mahu kan sepaya kurangkan harga seperti Telco lain... macam DIGI bayar hanya RM 78 dapat 7GB dan unlimited call...