Sorry HTC 10, Samsung S7 Edge Still The Best Mobile Camera

4/12/2016 Joshua Wong 0 Comments

Shortly after the HTC 10 announcement, DxOMark has posted the camera performance of the new HTC 10 and out of surprise the HTC 10 manage to get 88 points which same position with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

But wait! It seem that DxOMark has made some incorrect calculation.

Based on the benchmarks from DxOMark, HTC 10 garner 88 points on mobile photo and 86 point on mobile video where the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge received both 88 points on mobile photo and mobile video.

The HTC 10 may only score 87 points which on par with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ & the SONY Xperia Z5.

Source: DxOMark

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