Synaptics's Turnkey USB Fingerpinrt Solution Add Bio-metric Fingerprint Reader To Any PCs/Laptop

6/07/2016 Joshua Wong 0 Comments

Synaptics Incorporated has announced a new ultra-small form factor USB module that enables Nature ID secure fingerprint authentication on any PCs/notebook.

This is allow an aftermarket upgrade for any PC/notebooks that doesn't have it at the same time adding another layer of security. The bio-metric fingerprint scanner works along with the latest version of Microsoft Windows features like Microsoft Hello and Microsoft Passport. The Synaptics Natural ID solutions are FIDO Certified (Fast IDentity Online) providing broad compliance with an industry-wide ecosystem of products.

This is a low cost and small size USB fingerprint reader that expands PC peripherals. Since we do not upgrade our PC as often, thus this is a good cost effective solution. There is an estimation of 500 million Windows 10 systems via Windows Hello and Windows Passport by the end of 2016.

The USB fingerprint reader will sample in FY16'Q3 and expect mass production in FY16'Q4.

Via: Gizmodo. Source: Synaptics

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