Mi Robot Vacuum. Xiaomi First Robotic Housekeeper

9/02/2016 Joshua Wong 9 Comments

Xiaomi added another new family member in their Mi Ecosystem product, Mi Robot Vacuum. This is their first robotic housekeeper that features 12 different types of sensors in this robot vacuum.

The 12 sensors includes;

The Laser Distance Sensor provide intelligent path planning that able to scan surroundings 360 degrees. It uses the similar laser guiding system used by self-driving cars.

It use Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm to calculate optimized cleaning path and feature powerful Nidec brushless DC motor that goes up to 1,800pa air pressure.

It integrated with an app that allows you to control the robot vacuum remotely and set scheduled cleaning. It also shows you the path in real-time and estimates how long it will take to completely clean the home.

It packed with 5,200 mAh battery that give up to 2.5 hours of cleaning in single charge. When the battery goes low, the Mi Robot Vacuum will return to its charging dock and go back to its last cleaning location once completed charged.

This Mi Robot Vacuum will only be available in China on 6th September for RMB 1,699 (about RM 1,040) and Mi Home store. It might stay available only in China like it others Mi Ecosystem products like the Yi Home Camera, Mi Air Purifier and etc. We may only get our hands on this Mi Robot Vacuum from some parallel importers.

Source: Hugo Barra

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