[Indiegogo Pledge Campaign] Sgnl - Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip

10/19/2016 Joshua Wong 0 Comments

You may have watched this scene in a sci-fi movie before; making phone call with your fingertip (literally) is reality now! The company Innomdle Lab that was began as an internal project of Samsung through its new internal acceleration program, C-LAB in 2014.

The company made a spin off from Samsung a year later and now a fully independent company with all it patent registered.

Sgnl is a smart strap that enables you to answer phone calls through your fingertip by placing to your ear while speak through the embedded microphone on the strap.

The strap with the Sgnl can be replaced with your existing watch strap (width size 18mm - 24mm lug). It support classic watch, smart watch and just the band with a dummy band.

How does it actually works?

It comes with an app that has call reminder, activity tracking and smart alert features that you found on most health/smart watch.

It comes with 6 colors option to match your taste; Gentle Black, Navy Blue, Classic White, Grey, Brown and Green.The

The funds was started a week ago and funded US $ 1,544,915 that's 2,938% from their actual target.

The Sngl smart band offered 4 packages;

• Single Package (1x Sgnl set) - US$ 149 (about RM 625)
• Duo Package (2x Sgnl set) - US$ 249 (about RM 1,043)
• Trio Package (3x Sgnl set) - US$ 339 (about RM 1,420)
• Quad Package (4x Sgnl set) - US$ 409 (about RM 1,713)

Check out their promo video below;

You can back this project HERE

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